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Junk Hunters

21 June 2018

Last summer Birmingham had a messy situation on its hands when a strike over pay left Britain’s second city without waste collections for three months.

The strike left the city’s streets piled high with tonnes of foul smelling rubbish over the hottest months of the year which attracted maggots and vermin.

The dispute started when the council announced its plans to modernise the city’s waste collection services to save £5million a year – but this new change came at a cost of over 110 jobs and meant a potential pay cut for many.

The refuse workers union Unite called for the strike which lasted a total of 222 days, before they finally accepted a deal made by the council.

Despite waste service collections now being back to normal, the strike has clarified the need for decent waste services in a city as large and densely populated as Birmingham.

That’s why Junk Hunters have picked the city as its second spot to set up franchise, offering a first-class waste removal service to companies and domestic clients.

There’s plenty of demand for a quality junk clearance service and the JunkHunters Birmingham branch will cover the city and surrounding areas, stretching out to Solihull and we are committed to recycling and reusing as much waste as possible.

The company currently recycles around 75% of all waste collected and will continue its commitment to recycling and reusing as much waste as possible to reach an 80% target in the coming years.

Harsha Rathnayake, founder of Junk Hunters said: “Following a successful nine years in London, we’re delighted to have launched in England’s second city of Birmingham offering up our quality waste clearance services,

“Junk is not a glamorous business, but it’s an industry that provides a vital service and one that we are passionate about.”

“We want new customers in Birmingham, both domestic and commercial, to enjoy the levels of service we’ve been providing in London for almost a decade.”

“This is the first time Junk Hunters has operated outside of London and the company is actively planning to open up to nine other branches this year.”

JunkHunters are opening new centres in Surrey and Slough soon with further sites planned in East Midlands, London, the South East, Wales and Yorkshire later this year.