Steps To Convert Garden Wastes Into Organic Composts In London

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In London, converting of house wastes into products which can be used to improve the quality of soil in your home is essential. The process may be tedious and involving but at the end of the day, the results are desirable to anyone living in this country. It will take you a period of between two to six months for the wastes to properly decompose in a way that can be used in your garden.  Before you embark on how to convert garden wastes into organic compost, you need to purchase a recycling bin which will allow you to move it to any direction of sunlight with ease. The bin should contain holes for easy circulation of air at all stages of the decomposition process. Other factors to consider when purchasing this bin will make you decompose the wastes faster.

The following steps will help you convert the wastes into substance you can use to add quality of the soil in your kitchen garden: –

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  • Separation of wastes: – When you choose to make good use of the wastes from your kitchen, separating them is paramount at the initial stage. You need to separate food materials from others since most of the food items are normally wet, unlike other wastes like kitchen tissue which tends to be dry. By doing this, you will stop flies from camping in this area hence the safety of your surroundings.
  • You need to have an understanding of the area where the decomposition will take place. This should be far from the house so that the smell that may come from the site does not harm anyone and at the same time should be under a shade as too much of direct sunlight is not good for decomposition procedure. After separating the food materials and dry materials, you will be required to add equal amount of the two with equal a good quantity of soil every week.
  • You will be required to add water during this stage of converting the wastes as you use the garden spade or fork to turn the wastes every week so that they can evenly decompose. You don’t need to add a lot of water as the site may end up being a breeding site for mosquitoes which may end up bringing malaria parasites to your home. When using tap water, you need to eliminate all chlorine and microorganisms from the water by leaving it for one day in a basin before it can be used.
  • Always turn the bin to the direction where sunlight is so that the process of decomposing the waste is faster. This should be done at least once every week when you turn the waste so that they not only decompose on one side but every part is sorted.
  • To recognize when your waste has fully decomposed, you will note a dark and exemplary looking soil which has a different smell from the original soil which you used in the process.

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As a home owner, it is important to be able to differentiate recyclable wastes from non-recyclable. It is worth noting that as you stay in a place, you need to know how to dispose of your house waste in a manner that your neighbors, landlord or agent of the house will be safe from any harm.

You also need to invest in the bins that will help you in the process of decomposing the wastes and can be easily moved. At the same time, converting the kitchen wastes into useful product is another way of saving money for improvement of your home.


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