Household Projects – Getting Rid of Waste

Now that the summer holidays are over and the children are back at school you may feel like you have a little more time on your hands to tackle that project. Whether you want to revamp a room, entire house or garden then we can help! One of the worst jobs is clearing up the mess, everyone hates washing up after a Sunday roast or tidying up after a summer BBQ, well the same is true of many DIY projects.

That’s where we come in, you tackle the project and we look after the waste. As licensed carriers we will not only collect all of your rubbish and take it away, but we will also make sure that it is disposed of ethically and as environmentally friendly as possible. This means recycling or re-using as much of your junk as possible so that nothing goes into landfill, that’s right – nothing!

So not only do you save yourself multiple trips down to the tip, having to queue for ages for your turn, getting dirty and grubby whilst what you really want to be doing is sitting with your feet up admiring your hard work. You can also feel good about the fact that your are doing your little bit for the environment too.

This is why it’s important to use a fully insured and licensed waste carrier like ourselves, there are too many ‘cheap and cheerful’ companies out there that will simply take your rubbish and dump it wherever they can. Fly tipping is not only illegal but surely it’s worth a few extra pennies to get it done properly?

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