3 tips for clearing out your Garage

The garage is one area of the home which is often full of junk. Like the attic, the garage quickly becomes a receptacle for items that you can’t store in the house, including work tools, DIY equipment, and things which are broken but you don’t want to throw away. Your garage can also be a location for other types of junk, such as old pieces of furniture, filing cabinets, and even shelving. Getting rid of all this junk takes serious commitment, but it will be worth the effort, and you can finally remove rubbish which will never be needed again.

1: Make a plan

Clearing any space involves working methodically from one side of the room to the other, and the garage is no different. It might be easier to move from the front to the back, so that you clear yourself a pathway through the rubbish as you go. You may also work out a plan for dealing with large objects that need removing first, such as shelves or filing cabinets, so that you can focus on smaller rubbish piles.

2: Have dusters and brooms handy

If you have had a lot of junk in your room for a long time, then it will be covered in dust and dirt. You may have spider nests everywhere, other insects living in the space, and even rodents. If the garage has been undisturbed for a while, then you may also have rats, so be prepared to clean up as you go.

3: Call a clearance team

You may find that you can’t face the prospect of clearing the garage by yourself, in which case it makes sense to find a house clearance team who can help you. They should be able to get rid of your rubbish for a reasonable fee.

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