Is Commercial Waste Clearance Important?

When buying or selling a commercial property, clearing out the waste can be a high priority. Unlike many forms of household waste, which can be disposed of in recycling tips, commercial waste needs to be handled more sensitively.

Waste from these premises can include anything from office furniture and computers to documents and white goods. Some of these goods can no longer be thrown away, but have to be collected by removal specialists. That’s where we come in as we are licensed to collect all kinds of waste. This means that you don’t need to get several companies in to remove your rubbish, you can just rely on one!

Commercial waste may include:

  • Office junk including furniture, computers and printers, and even old stock
  • Electronic waste including tills and calculating machines
  • Shop items including work tops, desks, tills and fittings
  • Confidential documents including business and customer details
  • White goods such as fridges, cookers and major appliances

Many commercial property clearances involve waste from more than one of these categories. For example, clearing out a shop may involve throwing away office junk from the back of the shop, taking down fittings such as shelving, decorative items including dummies, artistic pieces and tables and chairs, and also removing sales desks and tills. Documents left behind in the shop may also need to be removed and confidentially destroyed. Many shop owners cannot handle all of this work, and so choose to call in professionals instead.

Clearing out many of these items can require specialist licenses, particularly when it comes to the disposal of white goods, of documents, and of electronic waste. Computers have to be protected and their hard drives removed before they can be discarded, but modern waste companies may also want to consider saving these items and recycling them. It is better for all of these goods to be put back into use, rather than discarded in a council tip, and the majority of commercial goods can be recycled.

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