Why Fly-Tipping is everyone’s problem

Fly-tipping is basically dumping waste illegally, often in lay-bys or public areas or private land that is quiet and out of the way. This covers anything from a small bag of rubbish to old furniture and commercial waste. It differs from littering because it involves taking waste from the place it was created and purposely dumped it somewhere else.

The reason it’s such a problem for everyone aside from environmental and health factors is that we are all paying for it, in fact it costs millions of pounds of taxpayer’s and landowners money every year to clear it up.


Steering clear of fly-tipping

As a responsible home or business owner, you no doubt wouldn’t purposely be involved in something as vulgar as fly-tipping, but you also need to be aware that your local waste clearance company might be partaking on your behalf.

Unfortunately, there are a number of rogue traders out there, saying that they are legitimate waste clearance companies when actually all they do is take that waste and dump it somewhere else. This undermines legitimate businesses such as ourselves.

Here are some warning signs you can look out:

  • Being offered a really cheap price
  • Un-professional appearance, no uniform unmarked vehicle etc.
  • Makes excuses as to why they can’t offer you a waste license number or insurance details
  • Just turn up on your doorstep unannounced because they’ve seen your rubbish outside

To protect yourself, your local environment and your pocket, always ask if the company is licensed to carry waste and fully insured. This way you can feel confident that they will take away your junk and deal with it correctly.

Penalties for Fly-tipping

If you see anyone fly-tipping, then report them to the local authorities. Fly-tipping is a criminal offence. There are new harsher penalties that came into force during 2016 with on the spot fines of up to £400 being enforced.

But beware, you could face fines of up to £50,000 or if convicted in a Crown Court an unlimited fine and a prison sentence of anything up to 5 years depending on the seriousness of the fly-tipping.

Not only is fly-tipping a criminal offence it also shows a total disregard to fellow members of the public as well as landowners where rubbish is often dumped. It’s unsightly and causes a potential health risk, with vermin being attracted to the site or more serious health risks where chemicals and hazardous materials are left.

So if you are having a clear out of your property or create a lot of waste on a regular basis. Don’t be tempted to fly-tip it’s a horrid thing to do as well as having to deal with the consequences when you are caught out.

Using a reputable fully licensed and insured waste clearance company or taking the items to your local recycling centre are really the only and best options you should be considering.

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