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Junk Hunters

13 September 2021

Residential Waste Management

Most of your normal household waste goes in the bin and gets collected by the council every few weeks. But what about the items that they won’t collect? For all of those things, you need a waste management company like Junk Hunters to help you out. Waste management companies deal with all sorts of large rubbish items like furniture, for example. They also dispose of huge quantities of waste after a big clear out and handle specialist waste that cannot be thrown away in the usual way.

People often call in a waste management company when they are clearing out old junk or renovating their homes. If you have a lot of waste that won’t fit in your normal bin or you have big items like appliances or furniture, a rubbish collection specialist can take it all away for you. They can also deal with any waste created during the construction and renovation process, so you don’t need to worry about hiring a skip and filling it yourself.

Commercial Waste Management

Waste management companies are also very useful in the commercial sector too. Renovating an office or moving into a larger space tends to create a lot of rubbish. Old furniture and computers need to be disposed of safely, in a way that does not cause damage to the environment. An experienced waste management company can help you remove all of that rubbish and recycle as much of it as possible.

Construction businesses also rely heavily on waste management companies to deal with the large amounts of rubbish they produce. Keeping the job site clean and tidy is crucial, and much of the waste that is created needs to be handled sensitively because it can cause environmental damage. Professional waste management services manage this side of things so construction companies can focus on their work.

In some cases, people decide to simply hire a skip and fill it themselves if they have a lot of rubbish to deal with. While that is an option, waste management companies offer a simpler and usually more cost-effective solution. Here at Junk Hunters, we offer a completely flexible waste management solution and we can deal with all kinds of rubbish removal. We always communicate with our clients to ascertain their needs and create a bespoke service that works for them, while trying to keep the costs as low as possible.

When pricing jobs, we calculate the cost based on the amount of rubbish removed, rather than charging a flat rate for a skip, so it’s a more affordable option. Whether you are clearing out your home, renovating an office, or planning a big construction job, we are here to help with all of your waste management needs. We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and our expert team has a wealth of experience in rubbish removal, so you will always be satisfied. If you need a waste management service for any reason, get in touch today so we can discuss your job and give you a free, no-obligation quote!