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Mattress Disposal Ideas London

mattress for removal London

Our mattresses provide us with comfort, joint health, and that irresistible sinking feeling when we get into bed at the end of the day. Unfortunately, with experts stating that we should aim to replace this all-important element of our nighttime sleep at least every 6-8 years, even the most comfortable mattress can also become a significant pain in our backsides when the time comes to get rid.

Our Guide to Mattress Removal Options

After all, disposing of a large-scale item like this is rarely simple. Here, we’re aiming to take the hassle out of even this sometimes complex problem by considering the best options for mattress removal London.

Solution # 1 – Consider methods for reuse

If your mattress still has life left in it, then passing it along to friends or the growing numbers of furniture-based charity shops across the city (as long as it has an intact fire safety label) is a fantastic and eco-friendly way to reuse and get rid. Even for older mattresses, creative ideas including planters from old mattress springs, or even repurposed pet beds can be great alternatives if you’re willing to put in the work and have that mattress lying around for some time.

Solution # 2 – Take it to the tip

While you can’t put your mattress out for bin collection, the tip does provide a free (for homeowners, at least) disposal solution. This is especially viable for memory foam mattresses, that roll up small enough to fit into most vehicles. Unfortunately, the need to rent a van to take a standard spring mattress to the tip could soon see costs, and hassle, escalating.

Solution # 3 – Call the council

Mattress removal from London council is great for saving you the hassle of having to even think about transportation, but it’s also a chargeable service that could cost you as much as £60 per mattress in areas like Richmond-Upon-Thames. Worse, there’s a long waiting list that could see your mattress sitting around for as long as two weeks. You’ll also most likely be expected to place your mattress at the curbside, which isn’t exactly easy to achieve if you have to find a way to get it downstairs first.

The final (and best) solution – arrange collection with Junk Hunters

If you’re keen to get rid of your mattress quickly, affordably, and without the need for any heavy lifting, then a rubbish removal company like Junk Hunters offers the service you’re after. For a reasonable fee, our trained and friendly team will drive to and from your property according to your schedule and will carry that mattress away so that you don’t have to. What’s more, our focus on responsible recycling and disposal means that, even though you weren’t able to reuse, you can rest easy that you’ve done your part for the environment.

Wherever you are across the city, mattress removal London is never going to look easier than this. Contact us for a free quote today that could see you finally getting rid of that mattress in record time without once having to break the bank!