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The London 2012 Olympics and Waste Issues


With the 2012 Olympic Games fast approaching, excitement in London is building just as quickly. It’s a great honor to be able to host this year’s games in our capital and offers fantastic opportunities for us to be a part of something amazing.

However, hosting the Games in our city doesn’t come without a price. Traffic and transport issues are going to be a big concern for many who just want to get on with their ordinary lives during this time. And despite world class waste reduction targets, they are still likely to take their toll on our city’s resources.

A body was established to monitor the sustainability of this year’s Games, The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, and a while back the chair, Shaun McCarthy, voiced concerns that “while all this good work is going on inside the venues, waste in the areas immediately surrounding the venues could be forgotten about”.

Waste management is already a problem in London, with councils raising prices for skip permits and bulky waste disposal. It is probably inevitable that these issues will be compounded with the increased influx of people due to the Games, and it is likely that waste disposal companies like Junk Hunters will be picking up the slack when the councils cannot cope.

Many people still feel that the privilege of hosting the 2012 Olympics is well worth the cost though. For them, the excitement of being a part of it all, not to mention the boost to the economy from extra tourism, will make it more than worthwhile. What are your views?

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