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Why is waste clearance in London so cheap?


Waste clearance in London can sometimes seem cheap, but the phrase, ‘if it seems to good to be true, it probably is’ may normally be the case in these situations.

Fly-tipping in London is a growing problem at the moment. Because the charge for disposing of waste at waste stations throughout the capital is soaring we are seeing a big rise in fly-tipping.

According to an analysis of official data released under the Freedom of Information Act:- “Sites are unscrupulously chosen by some people, without any regard to the potential hazards they may cause, whether to health, or to children or to any passers by, offenders are motivated by financial gain and have little regard for the environment.”

Recently a waste clearance company who charged customers the bargain price of just £165 for an entire truck load was later found guilty for dumping tonnes and tonnes of waste across the beautiful countryside illegally. The offender was jailed for 15 months at Bristol Crown Court according to Daily Telegraph.

As you can image those people who got rid of all of their waste so cheaply, probably thought they were getting a bargain. However, I imagine none of those people would have felt at all happy knowing their waste was being illegally dumped.

So if you are looking for a waste clearance company, find someone who is committed to protecting the environment and disposing your rubbish legally, safely and ethically.

It may cost you a little more, but when it seems too good to be true, ask yourself the question “Why is it so cheap?”

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