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Ten Signs You’re A Hoarder


26 July 2017

No matter how much clutter we try and throw out, everyone is guilty of hoarding old junk at some point.

Even us waste clearance experts at Junk Hunters are guilty of stockpiling unwanted items that we ought to throw out, but just can’t face binning.

We tend to hoard items for a variety of reasons, such as nostalgia or in the hope that some years down the line we might have some use for it again.

We’ve listed ten of the signs that suggest you’re a hoarder. Have a look through, and see which of our list you’re guilty of not throwing out.

1. The bottomless draw of cables
Every hoarder has a large draw stuffed with old cables for devices thrown out years ago, and it’s always impossible to untangle.

2. The carrier bag draw
Stockpiling carrier bags has always been a key sign of a hoarder, especially since shops started charging 5p per bag.

3. You still have old phones
There’s very rarely a use for all those old Nokia’s stored in the house, but for some reason they just don’t seem to get thrown out.

4. Magazine and newspaper pile
Despite reading them once and never looking through them again, many people still choose to keep them stacked up in the attic or the garage.

5. You never ever throw away a pair of socks
A sign that you’re a hoarder (or a man) is that you refuse to throw away old socks no matter how big the holes in them are.

6. You have a ‘messy draw’
Every household has one of these, a draw somewhere in their home that everything small is piled into to keep the house tidy.

7. Reusing wrapping paper
Wrapping paper can be relatively inexpensive depending on where you shop for it, but a true hoarder still saves those extra pennies by reusing paper from old presents.

8. Old batteries
You can always find a box or draw filled with old batteries at a hoarder’s house, but no one understands why.

9. You constantly buy items you have no use for
Classic hoarding starts with buying items that you had no need for in the first place.

10. You never throw out old clothes
Hoarders always form emotional bonds with their clothes, making it a near impossible task to throw any of them out. If you have rooms full of old junk that you need to throw out, but don’t want to pay the high prices of renting a skip, then give us a call on 0800 233 5865 to see how we can help.