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Recycling Tips for Offices


14 October 2021

It’s becoming increasingly clear to, well, just about everyone that we all need to do more to minimise our impact on the world. If we can all reduce our carbon footprint, then we’ll go a long way towards avoiding the worst of the effects that climate change could bring. Of course, there are plenty of ways to do this, both on an individual and corporate level. One of the better methods is to reduce the amount of waste we produce and throw away.

This is the whole idea behind recycling. While you might recycle a little at your office, it’s worthwhile looking at how you can do more. In this blog, we’ll run through some recycling tips for offices that’ll ensure your company is on its way to being environmentally friendly.

Top Recycling Tips for the Office

High Volume Materials

You can recycle a lot of things, especially these days. But in reality, you won’t have all that much of some materials at your office, and you’ll have a lot of others. The one that you’ll have the most of is likely to be paper, so it’s important to focus on that rather than anything else. There are few things you can do to limit the amount of paper that your company consumes, the biggest is going digital. You should also set up your printers so that they print on both sides.

Reduce Use

Finding ways to reduce paper is a good start. But in all likelihood, there’ll be many other things that you can work on reducing, too. It’s worthwhile looking at just how much your business is using. Just by making a few modifications, you’ll likely find that you can significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Of course, you will have to use some items. When it’s not possible to reduce your use, look to see if you can buy an environmentally-friendly replacement. For example, one that has been made using recycled materials, or one that’s second hand.

Invest in Infrastructure

The more infrastructure you have, the easier it’ll be for your employees to recycle. Invest in plenty of bins, bags, and signs, and they’ll be more inclined to recycle. Look at removing non-recycling bins, too. Then there’ll be no choice!

Keep Track

You’re not going to get the perfect system in place from the very first moment. But you should try. When you first make the changes, be sure to take a look at how you’re doing. Have you managed to reduce the amount of wastage? Where could you improve? By simply keeping track of your progress, you’ll be able to work towards making improvements that have long-lasting impacts.

Be Ambitious

Finally, be sure to be ambitious. All too often, companies stay in the safe lane, and only do the bare minimum when it comes to recycling. But the sky’s the limit when it comes to recycling and limiting your impact on the natural world. If large companies can go carbon neutral, then you can too! It’s all about believing that great things can happen and working hard.