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Problems with Barnet Recycling

Hundreds of residents living in the Barnet council region have been left without recycling bins after the Barnet council outsourced the work to a new German contractor SSI Schaeffer. This company have been given £3.2 million to produce and distribute 125,000 new recycling wheelie bins.

According to Evening Standards on Monday 20th October, 500 residents were not given new bins in time, with residents also complaining that the new rubbish collector is refusing to collect any rubbish placed in old bins, even though they have not been given a new bin to put their rubbish in!

So as a result of this change of contractor not removing rubbish that was in old bins, rubbish piled up on the streets in this area for over a fortnight. Residents are not happy about this situation and are left with no choice but to pay for a residential waste clearance company to take their rubbish away.

Yesterday we helped out a client who was expecting guests in the evening and did not want them to see the pile of rubbish in front of the house, so they paid for us out of their own pocket when the job should have been done through their council tax in the first place.

We hope the council will sort this problem out sooner rather than later, but if you need help in the meantime please contact us on 0800 233 5865 for more information. We will help you out with any of your recycling and rubbish removal needs or answer any questions you may have on rubbish removal.

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