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High winds cause disruption in London


Today’s storm caused a tree to fall on a house in Hounslow which then went on to cause a suspected gas explosion. This resulted in three houses collapsing and another two houses getting damaged in the explosion.

The area was evacuated at just after 7:30 this morning; luckily three people escaped the damaged building, although a woman has been taken to hospital because of her injuries.

Although the storm has now passed through London there is still a lot of disruption to the transport system due to many cancellations earlier this morning. The M11 motorway which feeds straight into London itself has been closed after a lorry overturned near Stansted.

If you are due to fly out from any of London’s airports today please do check before you leave as there have been some cancellations and delays due to the bad weather, these delays may have a knock on effect for at least the rest of today so although the worst is now past us you would still be wise to check.

The same is true for any travel you are looking to make today, there is a lot of disruption on the rail system still and many roads are closed, this will no doubt lead into congestion especially during busy periods of the day.

There are many trees that have been blown over due to the high winds in the early hours of this morning and so if you do need to travel today take extra care on the roads.

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