London The home of Iconic Transport

Transportation in London is quite extensive with different forms of transport serving the city. Coming into London, the busiest airport in the world, the London Heathrow Airport is used by major carriers like British Airways.

This airport is located in Hillingdon, West London and is used for international flights. Shorter-haul flights are catered for by other small airports scattered all through the city. These include Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, London City Airport and the London South-end Airport.

On the left is an image of the iconic cable cars that became famous during the 2012 Olympics, in fact if you want to take in some fabulous views including the O2, Olympic village, Westfield, Canary Wharf and more then this is definitely a great way to do it.

Within the city, there are various forms of transportation. The most popular and frequently used means of transport are the underground trains, also known as the Tube, and the iconic red double Decker buses. The London Underground is the oldest and second longest rail network in the world. Filled with rich history, the tube has a huge number of stops. Since the Underground is less extensive in South London, he London Overground has been developed to serve this area. If you get held up in any part of the city, you do not need to worry. The buses run 24-hours a day and cover the largest bus network in the world. The city’s buses have been refurbished and now cater for all sorts of passengers. Ramps and audio-visual announcements have been installed to ensure passengers in wheelchairs and those with visual and hearing impairments respectively can travel easily.

Other means of transportation in London include trams, located in South London and catering for 39 stops on 3 routes. Crossing the River Thames is made easier by river boats and ferries which take both commuters and tourists across the river. London also has a single cable car which also crosses the Thames making this crossing even more iconic.

Recently, cycling has become a fad among Londoners. Many people now prefer to go around the city on bicycles, a means of transportation which is faster and cheaper. In case you do not own your own bicycle, you can hire one at the Barclay’s Cycle Hire. Last but not least, we have the unique London taxis that have been a trademark of this city for many years.

With these various means of transport, it is no wonder that London has been voted as the city with the best public transport system in the world.

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