Garden Waste Clearance – Why Choose a Waste Clearance Company Over Traditional Skip Hire

Whether you’re simply giving your garden an overdue tidy up or you’re undertaking some more intensive landscaping work, you’ll probably be surprised by the sheer volume of waste that is generated. In fact, dealing with and disposing of that waste can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming elements of any gardening or landscaping project.

What many people traditionally do to dispose of such waste is to hire a skip to put it all in, but there is another way to go. That is to trust the garden waste clearance to a professional waste clearance company, and the following are four reasons why that might be a much better way to go.

It Takes Far Less Effort to use professional garden clearance services

Whilst hiring a skip sounds like an easy option at face value, it actually involves quite a lot of effort on your part, especially on top of the gardening or landscaping project you’re already undertaking. It requires, after all, the arrangement of a place to keep the skip and that the skip be filled by yourself or others helping with the project.

A garden waste clearance company, on the other hand, can generally provide a much more well-rounded service. That is that they will collect the waste from the garden itself, load it up themselves and remove it, with the minimum of effort required on your part.

It’s More Cost-Efficient

Another crucial thing to consider when deciding whether a waste clearance company is a better alternative than traditional skip hire, is overall cost-efficiency. There are only a limited number of sizes of skip available, after all, and if the total amount of waste you need to dispose of cannot fill a skip you are not getting value for money.

That’s because no matter how far you fill a skip, you still pay the same as if it was entirely full when it is taken away. A waste clearance company, meanwhile, will typically charge you based upon the actual size of the load they dispose for you.

It’s More Convenient

As well as taking less effort on your part and being more cost-efficient, professional clearance of garden waste is often also far more convenient than hiring a skip. When you hire a skip, after all, you need to ensure that there is somewhere for it to be situated.

What’s more, many skip hire companies will also only deliver and collect skips in quite limited time windows. Waste clearance companies, however, generally leave it up to you to arrange clearance as and when it best suits your plans and availability. That, therefore, limits disruption to your gardening project or to your life in general.

It’s More Environmentally Friendly

Unless your landscaping or gardening project is incredibly simple, the chances are that the waste that results will be of a number of different types. That means that the best and most environmentally friendly way to dispose of the waste will differ from one type to another.

If you have simply hired a skip, however, green waste, hard-core, building materials and all other types will have to be disposed of together. A professional clearance company, though, will be able to keep different types of waste separate and will have the expertise required to dispose of each in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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