London Business Waste Solutions

Despite getting day to day business waste collected, many London businesses still find that somehow rubbish still seems to accumulate over time. Whether it’s old IT equipment sitting around since being replaced, or piles of documents that really need disposing of securely but haven’t yet been shredded, the junk just keeps piling up. Instead of wasting valuable office space storing it all, here are some tips for keeping on top of your business waste over the summer.

Assess your waste requirements

Decide who should be responsible for sorting out the waste and set aside some time for them to assess more or less how much junk is likely to need to be removed. This person should ideally have the authority to decide what can and can’t be gotten rid of, or otherwise they should be able to interrupt someone who can decide as they’re going through everything.

Some of the types of business waste to look out for:

  • Old IT equipment – PCs, monitors, printers, etc
  • Old software CDs, cables, etc
  • Furniture that’s broken or no longer required – chairs, desks, tables, cupboards, etc
  • Broken kitchen equipment – broken crockery and appliances such as microwaves, toasters or kettles, that no longer work
  • Old files, manuals and books that are out of date or no longer needed
  • Documents that need to be securely disposed of

Separate your rubbish into different categories

This is the hardest part. Once the amount of waste has been estimated, it’s easier if you can set aside some space to separate it out. If you put it all in one area you will have a better idea of the size of truck or skip you will need to cart it away. It will also allow you to then reorganise what is left and you may find that you discover even more stuff that can be discarded.

Arrange Collection from a licensed Waste Management Company

You can now arrange for your junk to be collected. Many businesses assume that a skip is the only option for removing large amounts of business waste, but if you are based in London this will mean that you need to get a skip permit as well as a parking permit and will have to pay a flat rate whether you fill the skip or not. On the other hand you may also find that as your skip is out in public, others use it for their rubbish and it fills up before you’ve managed to get all your waste into it.

London businesses will find it much easier and more cost effective to use a service that uses a truck and only charges for the waste they actually take away. It should also save you the trouble of carting the waste from your building to the skip which can be hard work, particularly if stairs are involved.

Choosing a Business Waste Collection Service

Some of the things to consider when choosing a company to take your business waste away are:

  • Do they collect all types of business waste and destroy important data?
  • Do they charge extra for parking?
  • Do they do the heavy lifting by carrying the junk out of the office to their truck?
  • Do they comply with the legislation regarding business waste disposal and have the necessary licences and insurance?
  • Do they recycle and reuse as much as possible?

Junk Hunters fits all of these criteria, so if you’re having a summer clear out or need help managing your business waste then get in touch for a free no obligation quote.

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