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28 March 2018

Proper garden waste disposal is an important issue recognized by the UK’s local authorities. To make sure that the city’s garden rubbish is collected and disposed of properly, city governments are giving away bins, bags, boxes or other collection tools which are routinely emptied by the collection crew. These services can be found in any city and are the safest way to get rid of your garden waste.

Once you have obtained the proper containers, make sure to ask some questions about how you should start using those containers. Just by asking a few questions you can avoid hitting some of the most common refuse collection problems.

The common garden refuse collection problems include:

  • Contaminating Your Container
  • Loading Your Container with Garden Waste Incorrectly
  • Placing Containers in the Wrong Place

Contaminating Your Container

Whether it’s a bag, bucket, or can that is used to collect garden waste in your area, city services will leave your waste at the curb if you place contaminants into the container. So you need to ask what can and cannot be thrown out in these containers before you start using them.

There are many special instructions for chemicals that could be harmful to humans or the environment. There may be some chemical based products that can’t be put into the container. If you have such chemicals to be cleared away, it is better to hire a garden waste collection service.

Loading Your Container Incorrectly

Another common garden waste collection problem is loading your container incorrectly. Some cities have limitations on weight and may not pick up waste containers that are overflowing.

A good general rule of thumb is to never load a container so heavy that one person could not lift it independently. Many services only have one person emptying a container at a time, so they may leave the container behind if it is too heavy. Keeping the waste securely inside the container is another general rule that will keep your disposal crew happy.

Placing Containers in the Wrong Place

Finally, make sure your garden waste is in the appropriate container and is placed exactly where you were advised to place it. The collection routes are carefully mapped out and your garden waste should be placed exactly where it will be expected.

Obviously, none of this common garden refuse collection problems are difficult to solve. Keep these points in mind, and let the local garden waste collection crew dispose of your garden waste in an environmentally friendly way.

If you have more garden waste to dispose of than the council will take away, or have materials that they won’t collect, please contact London Junk. We offer a surprisingly affordable garden waste collection service in London.