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For those who have garden in London, keeping on top of the garden during the summer months can be a big problem. The lawn needs mowing more frequently and bushes, hedges and trees seem to sprout new branches almost overnight and need constant trimming to keep them under control.

However the biggest problem is not always the time it takes to do the gardening, but how to get rid of the excess garden waste afterwards. The bins provided by councils for this purpose fill up far too quickly and if you wait until the next collection before tending to your garden again chances are you will not be able to get it back under control.

Some councils will accept extra waste beside your bin, if it is placed in the right sort of bag, but even this amount is limited. Another issue with this is that, as garden and food waste are usually mixed together, there is a good chance a fox or cat will get into the bag and distribute its contents far and wide – a mess no one likes to have to deal with!

So what is the solution?

One option is to take the excess garden waste to the tip yourself, but for most Londoners this is not a viable option. Apart from the time, hassle and traffic issues, not many people living in London have a vehicle suitable for transporting garden waste. Even those who do have a car are unlikely to want it full of the grass, leaves and twigs that inevitably escape from whatever container they are in while being transported.

Another option is to use a garden clearance company. While many people worry that this is a very expensive solution, it can be surprisingly affordable.

As well as ordinary garden waste, most will also take garden soil, building rubble and even junk from your shed. A professional company will:

  • Be flexible and offer their services at times that are convenient for you
  • Remove garden rubbish straight from your garden, either through your house or from a side entrance, so there is no need to find a container to store it in
  • Leave your property clean and tidy afterwards
  • Dispose of all types of garden waste in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Provide these services at a competitive price with an upfront quote so you know exactly what you will need to pay

If this sounds like the perfect solution to your garden waste clearance problems, please contact London Junk today to discuss your requirements. We would love to help you!