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Why use a waste management company?

Disposing of commercial waste on a regular basis can be a hassle for businesses. Whether you manage a chain of hotels, a large factory, offices or any other number of businesses, you have specific responsibilities in terms of how you dispose of business or commercial waste. You could of course take care of this yourself, so why use a waste management company?


Your responsibilities regarding business or commercial waste disposal


The government sets out very specific responsibilities when it comes to the disposal of your business and commercial waste.


  • You must keep waste to a minimum by preventing, reusing, recycling or recovering waste.
  • waste management


  • You must sort and store waste safely and securely.


  • You need to complete a waste transfer note for every waste load leaving your premises.


  • You need to ensure that your waste carrier is registered to dispose of waste and not allow them to illegally dispose of it.


  • If you dispose of your own waste regularly you need to register as a waste carrier.


Your business will be held accountable if waste isn’t disposed of correctly and in line with these responsibilities, so it’s vital that you deal with your commercial waste appropriately.


Why use a waste management company


Few businesses would want to register as waste carriers, so using a waste management company to dispose of your commercial waste on a regular basis makes sense. In addition, the legislation regarding waste is regularly updated, and your business will be held accountable if your waste disposal isn’t compliant with the latest regulations.


Junk Hunters can help your business with regular waste removal whilst also ensuring that you remain within the law. We have all the necessary licences and insurance needed in order to take of your waste disposal legally and ethically, so you don’t have to worry about it.


The Junk Hunters solution




Junk Hunters offers tailor made rubbish removal services to suit your particular business. Whether you require regular office or hotel waste collections, factory waste removal or any other commercial waste disposal, we can provide a worry-free and efficient solution. A range of different time slots are available for daily, weekly or monthly ongoing waste collections.


Fully accredited and licenced


We are a fully accredited refuse collector of the Environment Agency. As well as general waste, we can take care of office, IT and electrical equipment, reusing, recycling or disposing of it in accordance with the law.


Environmentally friendly


We make it our aim to reuse and recycle as much of the waste we collect as possible, so you can be confident that it is being dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


Up front and transparent costs


We also ensure that our pricing for commercials waste collections is simple and transparent. Any parking, toll or congestion charges are included in the price so there are no hidden fees or extras to worry about.


Why not give us a call today to discuss your business requirements and for a free, no obligation quote?



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