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Why January is the New Spring

clearing junk in January

The New Year marks a fresh start, with people making resolutions. It makes sense to start the new year on a clean slate, which also involves cleaning. Spring is known to be a season of hope, new beginnings, and optimism, but why wait until then? January could easily be the month to bring positivity to your life.

The Perfect Time to Clear Junk

Ribbons, old flowers, gift boxes are just a few examples of things you may contend with in the first month of the new year. To avoid the stress that comes with it, it would be worthwhile to clean your home and get it looking like a space you will love to see every day.

Decluttering the house allows you to sift through tons of old belongings you never thought could be discarded. In another breath, it is an opportunity to gather some things of value that could be put up for a yard sale. What is better than decluttering the home and making money out of it?

Decluttering the home can be a mental exercise. Research shows that people feel great relief after cleaning their homes. This is attributed to dopamine release. So, if you had some home cleaning done, Junk Hunters can make the collection even more convenient for you.

It Sets the Tone for the Rest of the Year

There is the belief that what you do at the beginning of the new year can set the tone for the remaining eleven months. Whether there is scientific backing to this or not, it feels good to know that you can control some things in your life. Perhaps, in the previous year, all you wanted to do was clean up your closet and give it a new vibe. For reasons best known to you, the closet clean-up got relegated to the back burner.

However, when you psyche yourself up to do it in January, you gift yourself an opportunity to keep a well-organised closet or wardrobe throughout the year. Although cleaning out the wardrobe is just an example, it can be replaced with anything else you’ve always wanted to do. When you’re done with it, you will be amazed at the tremendous improvement in your mood.

The Convenience of Time

Many businesses and offices take short breaks during the Christmas season and immediately following the new year. Others also take a long break from Christmas eve to January 4 or 5. If you find yourself in any of these groups, you have more than enough reason to organise a good clearout of the home. It can be the ideal time probably because of the absence of office or work pressure.

Nothing can be more difficult than strategising digital marketing moves for the new year while clearing rubbish simultaneously. These two are a complete mismatch and the more reason the beginning of the year is ideal for taking care of the home before office matters. Indeed, spring is synonymous with cleaning, but you can turn January into that beloved season.