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Junk Hunters

28 March 2018

Garden waste clearance and disposal is becoming a growing concern in London with space at a premium. Though organic, most of the garden waste does not compost naturally in landfill sites. For the garden rubbish dumped in the landfills are often trapped in plastic bags. The garden waste that are trapped in the plastic bags rots down without air, leading to a release of methane gas and other harmful gases which can have a negative effect on our environment.

As the garden waste in the landfills is creating huge problems, governments and other environmental agencies all over the world are enforcing more environmental friendly laws that demands efficient garden waste clearance. This reason also adds on to the importance of doing your garden waste clearance in an approved manner. So if you live in London then this applies to you.

There are many reasons why people would want to remove and recycle their garden waste. To make recycling your garden waste much easier, many local government offices and councils offer garden recycling projects and facilities.

Is composting an alternative to Professional Garden Waste Clearance?

garden-clearanceSo, what can we do with the excess garden waste instead of dumping them into our landfills and causing pollution? Compost piles are a great way to produce nutrient rich home compost soil. They’re also a fantastic way to recycle garden and kitchen waste and save money. It’s great to know that organic waste that would have otherwise been thrown away is being put to good use. Composting all garden waste materials that have accumulated over a season or even years can be a challenge. It is really hard to keep up with composting green junk at home in urban areas like London as plants grow 365 days a year and the garden waste might encroach the useful space on your London based property.

If disposed of properly any item of waste from your garden beds, be it plants, flowers, leaves, trees and bushes can all be reused in several different ways. To help you with your garden waste clearance, many councils across London now collect garden waste as well as normal household waste so that it can be disposed of correctly. The authorities are also offering compost bins so that the garden rubbish that are biodegradable can compost.

Professional London based Garden Waste Clearance and disposal

If you have a surplus of garden waste, you can always get a local garden rubbish removal service provider to pick up your organic waste. Normally these companies offer garden clearance and waste disposal services including clearance of garden soil, green waste management and clearing junk from the garden sheds.

After the waste has been collected by the removal team, it is then taken to a site where they will turn the waste into compost. The best thing about our London garden waste removal and recycling service is that it does not cost the earth.