What You Didn’t Know About London

London is simply just an amazing city. There is so much that tourists can see in this city as well as a lot of historical things for learners and researchers. London is also among the oldest cities in Europe and its rich history dates back to very many centuries ago. Living in London will help you acquire some of the best experiences. Residents of London enjoy a lot of great things. However, there is also much which is not known about London.

First of all there are over sixty top tourists’ attractions in London that you can visit for free. Yes that is true! It is absolutely free for anyone to visit these 60 selected sights. You don’t have to pay anything and you will enjoy yourself to the maximum absolutely for free.

One of the most iconic places in London is St Paul’s Cathedral. This Cathedral is not only beautiful and attractive but it also one of the oldest buildings in London. What you did not know is that it takes 530 steps to the top of the St Paul’s Cathedral. Furthermore, once at the top of this Cathedral, one can be able to take a full view of the whole of London. This means you can be able to see every part of London once on top of this building.

Did you know that the Windsor castle is the largest occupied castle in the world? Well, now you know. This castle is located just outside London and has been home for British Sovereign for over nine hundred years.

You don’t have to go to the African forests to have a look at the great gorilla kingdoms. You only have to visit the ZSL London zoo and will witness the great Gorilla Kingdom. What you see here is just amazing though it is one of the many unspoken things about London.

Last but not least; did you know that London is home to every race in the world? Survey shows that people from virtually all parts of the world reside in London. Thus when you visit London be sure that you will feel at home and sooner or later you will meet with one of your own.

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