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3 August 2015

Waste clearance is becoming more and more of a problem due to the increasing population and pollution. Waste clearing companies are not just a luxury used by big companies or corporations but a necessity in the twenty first century.

Waste clearance problems

It has become important for people to keep their environment clean and effectively dispose of their waste, however it doesn’t always happen.

  • Due to long working hours and busy lifestyles, people find it difficult to get the time to clear their clutter and waste.
  • Waste in the atmosphere is causing problems like smog, acid rain, and many other calamities in the world.
  • Dumping wastes in the water bodies is leading to an increase in the level of toxins in water, which in turn kills the fish and other aquatic life forms.

Waste clearance statistics

According to the statistics, an average householder in the UK alone creates about 500kg of waste every year, which translates into more than 30 million tons of waste in total!

Combining recycling with waste clearance can help, but some figures suggest that though 60% of the waste can be recycled, at the moment only 30% is being recycled and reused again.

Moreover, these figures are merely the domestic waste levels. If industrial and all other kinds of waste are taken into account then it comes to a staggering figure of 440 million tons.

Figuratively speaking, a week’s waste in the UK can fill up Wembley Stadium. The recent figures suggest that 90% of this waste can be recycled but a mere 25% actually is while the rest of it is just dumped into landfill. The waste in these landfills keeps polluting the atmosphere.

Waste clearance companies

Considering these figures, it becomes all the more important to use reputable waste clearance companies to take care of all the rubbish. These companies specialise in recycling and reusing as much as possible. Disposing of commercial and residential waste efficiently is the best way to maintain clean surroundings. A good recycling program can also help in protecting the natural resources and fulfilling the need of the consumers.

Waste clearance companies dispose of the waste efficiently and are pretty economical to use as they not only save money but time as well. Professional waste clearance companies are the best way to dispose of waste in the most efficient and environment friendly way possible. They separate the metal, paper, and plastic waste and also help in recycling it.

Effective waste clearance techniques are not only important to conserve our natural resources but also ensure that we leave a healthy environment for our future generations.

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