Local Councils’ New Stance on DIY Waste and How it Could Affect You

If you’re not entirely au fait with local council rules regarding waste disposal – and let’s face it, who is? – it might just be time to start paying it some more attention, especially if you’ve got a big DIY project planned.

There has recently been, after all, a major sea change in the attitude of local councils toward DIY waste which could have a profound effect on how you can dispose of such waste and how much it could cost to do so.

Local Councils Changing Tack

Since early 2015, The Local Authorities (Prohibition of Charging Residents to Deposit Household Waste) Order 2015 has been the main piece of legislation determining the policies of local councils toward the disposal of DIY waste. That legislation prevents councils and local authorities from charging residents to deposit household waste at local household waste recycling centres (HWRC).

Since late 2016, however, a number of councils around the country have begun to claim that DIY waste and household waste are not one and the same. More than ten councils to date, in fact, have implemented new policies restricting the amount of DIY waste any resident can dispose of and introducing various different charges for doing so.

The New Policies in Place

The best examples of the new policies implemented by local authorities can be found in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

Oxfordshire council have introduced what they call their ‘DIY 1, 2, 3 for Free’ programme. That policy dictates that a resident may dispose of three items of DIY related waste each month for free and will then be charged £1 per item up to a maximum of ten. No more than ten items of waste related to DIY, however, can now be legally disposed of at Oxfordshire HWRCs.

Northamptonshire council’s new rules are in a similar vein. They have placed their own restriction on the amount of DIY waste any resident can dispose of for free, and have then implemented a ‘pay-as-you-throw’ charge for any and all DIY waste disposed of beyond that limit.

Both Hampshire and Surrey councils, meanwhile, have brought in slightly simpler new policies. Each of those authorities have made it impossible to dispose of DIY waste for free, and have simply brought in a per bag charge for all such disposals. In Hampshire that charge is levied at £2.50 per bag with extra costs for plasterboard and cement bonded asbestos, whilst in Surrey the charge is £4.00 per bag.

What it Could Mean for You

Whilst disposing of the waste produced by a DIY project yourself was always more hassle than getting it professionally collected, it used to be a comparatively cheaper option. Now, however, thanks to the new local authority policies being implemented it is both even more difficult and significantly more expensive to deal with the waste yourself.

In some local authorities, in fact, any resident who needs to dispose of a large amount of DIY waste might find themselves now having to pay through the nose to do so. That is, of course, once they’ve even worked out if they’re allowed to dispose of the amount they require at their local HWRC any longer.

Trusting your DIY waste disposal needs to a professional waste collection company, then, might just be the most sensible decision you could make. Doing so, after all, will mean you can have waste collected directly from the site of your DIY project and have it collected when it’s most convenient for you.

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