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How to get rid of Waste in Summer 2020

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Coronavirus has changed the game for all of us in our general day to day lives, which means that we are all making new allowances for things that we didn’t need to before. One of those things is the waste that we use at home. Lockdown may be the perfect times to declutter and get rid of waste, but with the tips incredibly busy, what are you supposed to do?

Decluttering is a must from time to time, but waste management is becoming an issue for many households. The good news is that there are services like Junk Hunters here to help! A waste clearance company picking up your DIY leftovers could be the miracle solution to the problem that you didn’t know you needed!

Don’t Fly Tip

As lockdown rules have closed most services outside the essentials, waste is piling up and recycling centres and charity shops are out of action. Even the usual donation points are closed to the public and so your DIY project goes from being a good idea to being a problem. You need to be able to safely and responsibly get rid of your clutter, and the worst thing that you could do is fly tip! The environment doesn’t need to bear the brunt of your decluttering efforts, which is where we can come in and help.

Fly tipping offences are rising right now, but if you keep on top of your bin collections and your recycling days, you may find you’re doing okay. For those with leftover waste, Junk Hunters is more than happy to help! You may not be able to store the junk and dispose of it later on, and that’s okay. With our services, you can avoid a fine for fly tipping and you can save yourself the worry of your rubbish piling up.

Why Choose Junk Hunters

The whole idea of our service is that your extra waste can be quickly and efficiently disposed of without any hassle. Throughout London and the rest of the UK, we have teams of waste disposal units that will offer a range of services that will keep your home clear of waste at these difficult times. Getting rid of residential rubbish shouldn’t be a huge stress for you, and we will collect that waste from you no matter how much there is! We want to help you to reuse as much as possible to reduce the strain on waste dumps – and we don’t want you to feel stressed over it!

Our service is one that is designed to take the waste you’ve got while you relax. You can let our professionals do all the hard work and clear away the junk taking up space in your home and garden. It doesn’t matter whether it’s leftover building waste from a DIY gardening job, or you’ve got old furniture laying around that needs to be moved on. We are fast, reliable and far cheaper than hiring a skip. There’s no need to buy permits for waste clearance, and you can check out our service online.

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