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How Much Does a House Clearance Cost in London?


22 April 2021

You’d be amazed at how little house clearance costs in London. Getting rid of all your unwanted junk is way cheaper and convenient than people expect. And the best bit: you can free up your time and get on with more important things – like enjoying yourself!

How much a house clearance costs in London depends on the size of the property.

For the average 3-bedroom house, the cost for clearance in London is around £750 + VAT. Therefore, if you live in a two-bedroom house, flat, or maisonette, you’re liable to pay less than this. And if you live in a larger property then you’ll pay more than this.

Factors that affect how much you pay depends on:

  • The size of your property
  • The volume of junk requiring disposal
  • The nature of the waste and whether you require any special disposal measures

When House Clearance Comes in Handy

There are all kinds of situations when you might need a house clearance. In general, you’ll use this service when you need to clear a substantial quantity of items or one-off bulky items for example mattresses, or an old sofa or piano.


Perhaps you’re a landlord or a tenant and the previous occupier has left a lot of junk in the property. With house clearance, you can get rid of everything you don’t want and instantly make the property more liveable – great if you don’t have access to a car, or the time or energy to clear it yourself.

Relationship and Divorce Situations

You might also want to clear a property in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown. House clearance is a simple, effective and professional way to remove items to a site of your choosing, giving you the time and space you need. Because we do all the work for you, in more difficult situations it can be helpful to have someone else deal with this for you.


We often work with Solicitor’s or the families of loved ones that have sadly passed away. We respectfully clear any unwanted items, with as much being re-used or recycled as possible. It can be emotionally draining to have to do this yourself. We will ensure any valuable or specified items are kept to one side for family members to collect. Or you may want to sell unwanted valuables at auction.

Former Owner Moving

It could be a move abroad, downsizing or a move into a residential home. Whatever the situation we can clear the property of any unwanted items and rubbish. We offer a professional and friendly service, simply tell us what you need and we can do the rest!

How House Clearances in London Work?

rubbish outside house

Let’s break down the house clearance process into individual steps.

  1. Choose Junk Hunters as your house clearance disposal experts of choice: We offer an affordable, reliable, comprehensive and eco-friendly service.
  2. Remove anything you want to keep beforehand: For instance, you might want to hold onto ornaments, jewellery, photos, antiques and other valuables. You may also want to hold onto sentimental items. Box them up and keep them out of the way.
  3. We arrive to remove the junk: We get rid of any waste or rubbish you designate. We can remove all kinds of rubbish and larger items. We are fully licensed and insured with as little as possible going into landfill.
  4. Clearing the property: All requested junk will be cleared as requested then the area cleaned and tidied afterwards. Our specially adapted vehicles will remove everything without hassle or stress.

If you are looking for help with London house clearance then please get in touch today for a no obligation quotation.