Facts About London Waste Disposal

When it comes to London waste disposal, the first thing you need to know is that there are approximately eight million residents in the city of London and they all throw out their own body weight in rubbish every two months.  How is that for a scary fact!

For this reason alone recycling is particularly important in the city of London and with the smaller items you can certainly achieve this. Unfortunately you might not always be dealing with small items, and you may not always have a small quantity of rubbish to dispose of.

London waste disposal and businesses

It’s not just individuals that generate waste in the city of London though:

  • Businesses generate large amounts of waste too.
  • Often the waste generated by businesses includes larger items as well.
  • London waste disposal is a big issue for businesses because space is at a premium and there are problems with parking and congestion to contend with too.

London waste disposal of larger items

In addition to that there are companies that need to reorganise or move offices and find that they have items they simply do not wish to take with them. Sometimes these items are outdated and need to be replaced, and sometimes the company determines that it would be cheaper to simply buy new items when it gets to the new location. Sometimes these items may include chairs or cubicles, and sometimes they might include computers and other electronic equipment. There are really only two alternatives: hire a skip or use a London waste disposal service.

Using a skip for London waste disposal

There are several disadvantages to using a skip for London waste disposal. The biggest one is probably the issue of where to put it. Parking space is at a premium in London, and you need a special permit to put a skip on the side of the road, even if you can find space for it.

Secondly you will need staff members to load the rubbish onto the skip. Apart from the fact that you’re unlikely to find willing volunteers, this also means paid working time wasted by those staff members.

There is also the issue of whether you have enough rubbish to fill an entire skip. You will usually pay the same price for a skip regardless of whether you fill it or not. On the other hand you may find that it is a tight fit getting everything into one skip. You obviously don’t want to pay for another, so you also need to worry about other local residents and businesses putting their rubbish into your skip at your expense.

Using a London waste disposal service

Using a London waste disposal service solves all of these problems. They will load all the rubbish onto their own vehicles, and will usually be responsible for any parking permits required, which means no extra charges for you. You can usually get a quote upfront too, so you know exactly what you will pay before you commit yourself.

Another advantage is that if you use a reputable company they will ensure that as much of your waste is recycled as possible, and will dispose of anything else in the appropriate way. If you are getting rid of electronic equipment that falls under WEEE regulations, then they will be able to ensure compliance.

With the waste piles in London growing, it is very important for individuals to take advantage of the recycling opportunities so that materials can be reused. Using a London waste disposal service makes this easy and takes the hassle out of getting rid of your rubbish.

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