Easter holiday is a good time to have a spring clean

The Easter bank holiday is the traditional time for spring cleaning, and many people across the UK are thinking about tidying up and de-cluttering their property this Easter weekend. It is so traditional that some Councils are even asking homeowners to stay away from tips and rubbish recycling centres in order to stop the queues. If you are planning on removing the rubbish over the weekend, then there are some tips that you should consider to make your cleaning easier.

Have a plan

All good spring cleans deserve to be planned out. If you write down everything that you want to accomplish, from sorting out the kitchen cupboards to tidying the bedrooms, then you can start strategising. List the steps you will need to take in order to accomplish your tidying.

Be tough

Spring cleaning is the time to get rid of all that rubbish that has been lying around the house all winter. There is no point to cleaning if you are just tidying around endless magazines or pieces of tat. Make up your mind to throw it all out, and then get rid of it.

Do the kitchen

A surprisingly large number of people don’t tidy up their kitchens, including cupboards, fridges and pantries. If you go to the back of your cupboards, how many of the items are past their use-by date? Get rid of anything that might be damaging, and bin as much as possible. Then scrub down the shelves, and give your fridge a good rinse down with a sponge.

Get the family involved

Don’t do all the work yourself. Drag partners and children into the cleaning club, and get them working in one room while you clean out another. That way, you can all finish much sooner.

Another idea is to hire a company like Junk Hunters who can make the whole process easy for you by doing it themselves and they will even take the rubbish away with them!

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