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Clearing Space for Family this Christmas


15 December 2020

Christmas is undeniably a unique time of the year, and maybe this one will be even more peculiar. While many things keep changing, there are some that don’t. Indeed, like all years, you can expect several presents to be coming through, for you and your whole family.

Additionally, because of decorations, extra items, and your whole family at home, the house can seem to be much more clutter than during the rest of the year. However, Christmas will also bless you with some days off you can make the most of. Decluttering and clearing your home can seem an overwhelming task at first, but it can also be extremely rewarding and fun! Here’s how!

Make a Plan to Clear Your Home

First of all, start with a precise schedule and goals. While this might seem a lot of work during your well-deserved holiday, you will struggle to get started without a schedule to stick to! Even more importantly, having a plan you can follow will stop you from jumping from a room to another and from a box to another, making your home even more untidy.

A decluttering schedule can help you finish all of the tasks in time for when the guests come around and with minimal interference to your daily activities.

Recycle What You Can

In your decluttering mission, you will encounter broken items. These are common, and we all tend to accumulate them, hoping to get around to fix them at some point.

Now, you have the chance to give these items a new life – by recycling them or upcycling them. Just ensure you are not throwing everything in a black bag! Christmas is an important moment to do something great for the environment, and throwing out broken items, clothing, and gadgets in the right location is crucial.

Donate to Charity

Christmas is always a wonderful time to spend with your family, but it is also an incredibly hard season for those who are not so lucky – and this year will be even more so. Donating your old clothes and unused items to local charities can be an excellent way to provide someone with new, valuable items. And, you can do all this with just a short walk to the nearest charity clothes collection.

Organise a Garage Sale

If your little ones have been accumulating large amounts of toys, you should consider organising a garage sale. This can encourage your kids to be mindful about their belongings and understand that with the money saved they can get a new toy. At the same time, it is an excellent way to get rid of clutter and unused items. Just ensure to leave flyers around the neighbourhoods a few days in advance! On the day, everything you will need is a table and some decorations!

Take Up a Challenge

If you have just realised that you have a lot of items accumulated in your home, it might just be the best time to finally cut down on what you own. It might seem difficult, but there are stylish ways to do it!

Indeed, you can embrace minimalism and even try a month-long challenge. In any way, trying to buy fewer items and focusing on the value of what you own can help you buy less and lighten up your home. Taking up this challenge over the holidays and keeping it up during the next years can be a brilliant occasion to try something new and different.

Make It a Precious Moment with Your Family

Naturally, decluttering and tidying up your home is a daunting job that we all try to push back year after year. However, it can actually be a moment of fun for the whole family! Involve your little ones and turn the tasks into a fun game for everybody.

Ensure you are planning for time off, breaks, and rewards, so your little ones will feel that the effort is worth it!

Ask for Help

Decluttering your home can be an arduous job, especially if this is your first attempt at this job in many years. You are bound to find a lot of clutter, broken objects, and things that have not been used in a while. Introducing a precise system can help you have specific guidelines regarding what to keep and what to get rid of.

However, if it all becomes too much for you, make sure you know who to call. Waste management experts can help you get rid of what you don’t need in no time and with minimal interference in your daily life.