Cleaning Up After an Event Like the Tour de France

The Tour de France is a grand bicycling race organized each year. For more than a 100 years, riders from all around the globe have been joining the celebration. The Vuelta a Espana and Giro d’Italia are other mentionable cycling tours but the tour de France is the oldest and most prestigious one. It is to cycling what Wimbledon is to Tennis.

The race first began back in 1903 and has only only become bigger and better over the years. It is usually held in July. Even though riders expect to tour around France, nearby countries linked by Alps Mountain ranges and Pyrenees are often included. The race ends in Paris, at the Champs-Elysee’s.

This 21 days’ journey is celebrated with immense grandeur but it leaves the participating locations in a messy state. Around 3,500 kilometers are covered and thousands of cyclists join.

Aftermath of the Event

Even after the celebratory mood fades, traces of the race can be seen all over France in the form of graffiti and waste. These unwanted remnants line the streets and if not tidied quickly they start to look tatty. It’s a lot like leaving the Christmas lights on until Easter.

These signs of the tour need to be cleaned and the busy streets of the participating regions need to look clean again. In addition, other major events are usually lined up and the cleanup process needs to be prompt.

A very organized approach must be followed to get everything tidy again. Hiring a professional cleaning company to do the task could be a possible solution as they have the man power and the skills to perform this job quickly and efficiently.

Even though it is nice to be reminded of the tour every time individuals step out on the streets, it is slightly embarrassing to see all the promotional items in place so long after the tour conclusion.

Some of the graffiti road markings for the Tour de France have been removed by the council but a lot of work still needs to be done with more graffiti to be removed and rubbish to be picked up. With promotional bikes and colored ribbons lining the streets over different parts of France, leaving them for too long gives a very unappealing view if left abandoned for too long.

Many assume that the process is so slow because local council’s budget cannot cover the cost for this clean up. However, the tour has earned millions for the country and they know it is wise to spend some of this cleaning up, but it does take time due to the area covered. With more events coming up throughout the year the country wants to look great again so hiring a experienced cleaning company is the way to go.

The Tour de France is not the only event of its kind. Any such large-scale event leads to a similar aftermath. London itself holds many events throughout the year that need the service of a cleaning company to keep the city tidy.

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