Building things with your old scrap!

If you have a lot of scrap laying around like old wood, metal, plasterboard or any type of building materials you can always be inventive and design and build something amazing. In this blog I will be giving you my ideas on how you can get rid of the scrap you have laying around and give you some examples of projects you can do and things you can consider when starting a project.

Firstly when thinking of building something you will need to have a look and see where you have space, if you are looking to build something big you will need to allocate the place where the project will take place to make sure you have enough space to lay your materials and tools as well as the construction itself. If you are building something like a tree house you will need to make sure that the tree is stable and has a wide place for the main floor area to go.

Once you have your design, you need to have a hunt around and see what materials you have already that can be re-used. For anything your find you need to ensure that it is in good enough condition to use, for example make sure that any wood hasn’t gone rotten or that there are no nails or screws in the pieces. Anything else we need to be purchased, or why not ask friends and neighbours if they have anything lying around that you can use.

Once you are happy with your overall design and you have got the additional materials together, you will now need to sand all the wood down and make sure the metal is in a safe condition without sharp shards anywhere. Once you have done that the construction can take place.

Last and most importantly is waterproofing your structure or projecting if it is outside. You can do this by painting all parts of the structure with waterproof stain and paint, however if you have built something indoors you can just paint it with regular wood paint or metal paint.

There are many different projects ideas you can come up with after looking at all your resources, the only thing to remember is to have patience and willingness. It could be something as simple as making a plant pot to a full scale children’s playhouse, the only limit is your imagination!

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