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Two men from Hong Kong converted this 6 bedroom rented house to an In-house Cannabis Factory.

We were called up to clear a 6-bedroom house in Stanmore, Northwest London earlier this month. 6 months ago this house had been rented to 2 men from Hong Kong by the Landlord through an estate agent. The Landlord was happy for 6 months as he was getting the rent on time, there appeared to be no problems at all. 6 months later he received a phone call from the metropolitan police saying that the house had been raided and that they had discovered that it had been converted into a cannabis farm.

The police have destroyed all the cannabis and handed the house back to the landlord. Now the landlord has to pay a big bill to clear all the mess they left behind and repair the damage as the house has been completely ruined.


This is the third time we have attended this type of clearance within a year. We urge all landlords to be really careful when you select new tenant for your property.

We were able to help with the clearance quickly and efficiently. We sent out a 2 truck team and managed to clear everything including the loft where they had been storing all the waste from the cannabis. This clearance included clearing all the pots they used to plant the cannabis, a large amount of soil, 100s of empty cans of plant foods, all of the plastic they had used to cover the windows, broken furniture, the ventilation systems, large extractor fans and motors installed in the loft and various other items.


We collected 5 loads of rubbish in total and it took about 10 hours for 4 men to do the complete clearance. We cleared every single bit from this house and left the place as clean as we possible could. Unfortunately for the landlord they had lots of repairs to now take on with this property to get it back to a condition where it could be re-rented, this time hopefully to nice London family.

When the landlord saw the condition of the property after we had finished he was very happy with the service we provided and said that he would very happily recommend Junk Hunters to his family and friends for any kind of waste clearance.

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Customer Service hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm and Saturdays 8am to 5pm.

[Total: 684 Average: 4.9]