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14 March 2018

How to set up a waste management guide

  • It is impossible to execute a waste management guide if you don’t know the type of waste that is in your office. By identifying the type and size of waste generated you can formulate strategies on the ideal location to store waste and how to dispose of it safely.
  • Investigating can help point out the areas that produce the most amount of waste. Additionally, a waste audit can give you a clear figure of the quantity of waste generated in a specified period. Using information obtained from this review, you can then create a waste management, removal plan and create standard measures that will deal with the waste efficiently.
  • After understanding the type of waste that is generated in the office, you then have to create a plan that will sort the waste so that you can reuse, recycle or dispose of it without harming the environment. Partnering with a waste removal company can make it easy for you to take care of the rubbish without disrupting the daily duties of your workers.
  • The guide should be set according to the policies and requirements of the relevant bodies that regulate waste in your area. While the measures don’t have to be extreme, you can start with easy to implement activities and use the response to set up a detailed waste management guide. Set trash bin in strategic places and use them as a marker for getting ideas on how to tackle the waste.
  • When you are having problems implementing the guide, you can challenge and motivate your team by educating them. Rewarding workers who have implemented the guide will persuade the others to see the process as achievable and even boost and promote a healthy work environment.
  • A procedure to be followed in case of noncompliance has to be set forth so that the guide can be revised with time and even changed if it does not produce the needed results.


Office waste management guide can make the work space a green zone and motivate the workers to do the same practices in their homes.