Spring cleaning made easy

With March fast approaching it’ll soon be time for a good old spring clean of your home.


And while many see it as a mammoth task – it’s a great opportunity to get hands on and organise your home.


It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out affair and with the right preparation and some helpful advice from the rubbish experts at Junk Hunters your spring clean can be an efficient success.


So, grab the gloves and bleach and take a look at the five easy tips to combat the spring clean below:


Throw it away


The spring clean is the perfect opportunity to chuck things away that you really don’t need. Be ruthless on your hoarding self and make that trip to the tip. You’ll appreciate the extra space to breathe.


Call in help


If you haven’t listened to the above advice in a while, it may be that you have a whole hunk of junk that needs getting rid of. If so, call in help from your nearest and dearest. Extra pairs of hands will help relieve your house of any unwanted bits and bobs quickly.


Kick everyone out for the clean


Once the unwanted junk has left the building, it’s time to kick your helpers (politely) out whilst you get down to a deep clean. You don’t want people running through freshly mopped floors or using the toilets while you’re trying to bleach them. It will only be demotivating


Confront those neglected areas


You know which ones – the oven, the tall bookshelf, under the bed, the dusty blinds and the high ceiling corners you can’t quite reach. Make a note of them and just knuckle down and do them, even if it’s only once a year.


Give your carpet a thorough clean


Although your carpets and rugs are regularly hoovered chances are there are areas that you don’t always cover – the less trafficked routes in your house. And that’s fine because they don’t get as dirty, but it’s probably wise to do them at least once a year. This includes moving furniture such as sofas, tables, drawers and beds that are raised from the floor and cleaning the carpet underneath – you may even find a few pennies or that long-lost tenner.

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