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Junk Hunters

24 February 2018

Whenever the topic of recycling comes up, many wonderwhether they can really make a difference? Why must I get involved? When considering the benefits of recycling waste in London, it is important to consider whether you can reduce, reuse and recycle waste where possible. Before you reject the idea with the excuse of living a busy life full of tight schedules, garbage disposal should be a high priority, not only to help reduce the stress on the environment at large, but because it also has an impact on the health and environment of those people where you live and work.

Each person’s wellness depends on how they dispose of their rubbish. If we don’t all act now, then we could find ourselves in a situation where we see an increase in diseases and vermin. It might seem OK to leave your unwanted waste sat in the garden, or outside your property, but this can quickly and easily create an environmental problem.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of waste that needs clearing then we can help, and it isn’t as costly or difficult as you might think.


It helps you to get organised

As you sort out the things you want to throw out, you have to make a conscious decision that you want to get rid of it. There might be items you can re-sell or gift that are too good to simply throw away. Segregating your waste into different categories before it becomes a massive pile that becomes a daunting prospect is definitely the best option. It therefore requires you to become organised in your planning and disposal of your waste.

A time for reflection

It is a great time to see what you waste your money on. By sorting out your un-used items you will notice quite a few things you did not know about yourself. If for example, you find out that you keep throwing away the same things in the garbage bin time and time again, then it is high time for you to change your purchasing habits. Food waste is one of the biggest issues in the UK. We spend a fortune on food that ends up in the bin, often in it’s original packaging. By paying more attention to your rubbish you can become more mindful about what you buy in the first place.

recycling wastes london

Assess and re-assess habits

It’s not only food items that often get wasted, think about how you buy things in the first place. Do you really need to buy pre-packaged food or ready prepared meals? By cooking from scratch you can not only reduce the amount of waste you create, but also have a healthier diet at the same time. Do you really need all the stuff that you buy? Think about the things that you have that you hardly use and when considering a purchase, spend time thinking about whether it’s something you really need. Give yourself a cooling off period before making the final decision.

Clean and green environment

Through this exercise, you will hopefully not only become more conscious of the waste you create, but hopefully the environment in general. It’s worth considering other ways you can help, whether it’s volunteering to pick up litter in your local area once a month or deciding to walk to work rather than drive. It’s these little changes on a regular basis that will really make the biggest difference.

Reducing toxic harmful substances

When rubbish is disposed of timely, it reduces the chances of toxic harmful substances from building up, another reason to get that rubbish cleared rather than letting it continue to build up.

So you see, there really is no good reason not to spend some time getting organised, having a massive clear out and trying your best to reduce your waste and recycle the waste that you do have. A company such as Junk Hunters can help with any waste clearance you may need so please get in touch today to see how we can help.