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Our Top Tips for Decluttering Your London Home

decluttering London house

Deciding to declutter your home and get rid of what you no longer need might seem easy and fun at first, but it often turns out to be a more challenging experience than you had expected. Whether you are moving soon or you have just decided to create more space in your current home, some golden tips can help you in the process.

Take It in Steps

If you are thinking about a general decluttering process, the whole task might seem overwhelming at first. And, after you have started clearing an area of your house, it is easy to get distracted and end up working on a completely different room! However, this is not only a poor use of valuable time, but it can actually create more confusion and disorganisation!

Instead, plan in advance and take it in steps. You can start from a specific room of the house to then move forwards, or you can create categories. This system can help you tackle an aspect at a time and know exactly at what point of the process you are.

Start in Advance

Many of us decide to start decluttering a home only before moving to a new apartment or in expectation of a big moment such as a new baby on the way or a wedding. However, this leaves you with a very precise deadline to keep into consideration when starting to declutter.

And, if you continue to postpone the starting date, you mind end up rushing towards the end. However, the process of decluttering a home is a critical one, and giving it the time it needs can help you avoid losing important items.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need.

We have all at least once fallen for the trap of “it might be useful one day.” However, such items are usually the ones that have been in the same box for years and, because you had forgotten they were in there, you have probably bought a new one instead!

This trap is also one of the main causes of decluttering processes failures – so don’t fall for it! If they are inexpensive and you are sure you won’t use them, recycle them – you would not have wasted a penny!

Keep the Items with Value Safe

Items don’t necessarily need to be of monetary value to be extremely important for the owner. Whether you have just found an old photo or memorabilia from a holiday, it is worth keeping them safe for the future. Take your time to enjoy the moment before moving on with your decluttering process, but make sure they don’t end up in the pile of items you are trying to get rid of!

If you realise that this has happened once the boxes are already sorted, the process of going back to the packed items to find the lost piece of memorabilia can be highly effort- and time-consuming!

Get in Touch with a London Waste Clearance Company

Once the boxes of items that you have decided to recycle are piled up on the driveway, you might need to get in touch with a professional company that can help you get rid of all of it. This part of the decluttering planning is extremely important, especially as there are many options available. However, when clearing rubbish in London, a clearance company can help you complete the whole process safely, quickly, and without losing any precious time!

While many homeowners sometimes opt to call a skip to clear their rubbish, you should always consider the conditions of your home. Indeed, if you don’t have enough space for a skip to come through your driveway, you might require planning permissions.

And, these can require you to plan much in advance for it, as well as a potentially significant investment. Instead, a clearance company is more suitable for most houses in London and won’t require you to do much more than just picking up the phone! Here at Junk Hunters, we are committed to making the most out of your time and leaving your home debris-free and sparkling clean. So, we take care of the whole decluttering process quickly and at your convenience.

Don’t Do It All Alone!

Going through a whole home’s decluttering process can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. However, you don’t necessarily have to put away months of hard work and face the whole process by yourself! If done well, this can be a moment for the whole family to come together and have fun while sorting out the house!

And, of course, a professional company that can help you clear up all of the items you are getting rid of is just a phone call away!

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