House clearance

House clearance

A house clearance service is usually needed when you have inherited or bought a house that contains a lot of materials from the previous owner, or when you decide you simply want to de-clutter your home.


To clear your house, many people will choose to do it themselves and take it to the landfill, or they will hire a skip to help. Whilst these are acceptable methods you can use to house clear, using a waste clearance company could prove a much easier option.


Also, using DIY waste removal or skips mean that ALL of your waste will go to the landfill, and considering the shape our environment is in, do you really think that’s best?


Waste clearance companies are both hassle-free and environmentally friendly. They can also get rid of pretty much any junk that you have in your house, no matter the amount. Find out more about what house clearance companies can clear for you below.


What will house clearance companies clear?


When you hire a house clearance company, they will remove all or most of the items within the property, depending on what you desire. House clearance companies (like Junk Hunters) can clear most waste, even in places that people may not want to go. Companies like us can get rid of almost anything in your house, from clothes and kitchenware, to mattresses, furniture, old beds and chairs. Clearance companies can clear a wide range of debris, from domestic commercial waste to buildings that have been used by tenants and need to be cleansed before returning to domestic use. Clearance companies will also sort through your junk and will recycle and reuse everything possible.


What will clearance companies not handle?


The types of junk that are generally not handled by house clearance companies may vary. However, clearance companies like Junk Hunters will handle a large variety of waste. To find out more about our services and what we can remove for you, give us a call or send over an email.

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